A Comparison of Platforms in 5 Key Areas – Straight From the ‘Horses’ Mouth

Tuesday, November 8, is the day we will choose our next President along with many of the people who represent us in government. Parties and candidates are not direct representatives of God’s will and purposes. Our responsibility as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven is to bring the expressed will of Heaven to earth in [...]

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Faith and Decision

Faith Has God Not A Party Thinking on the firestorm of current political rhetoric I asked which side is God on? I was reminded of when Joshua asked this question in his encounter with the Captain of the LORD’s Host. Joshua was intent on doing the right thing. After all, he was on a mission [...]

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7 Antidotes to the 7 Reasons 24 Million Christians Didn’t Vote

Overcoming the Reasons To Not Vote It is easy to hang an attitude of self-righteousness on the issues. It is a narrow path between obedience and attack. Are the issues really the issues? That 24 Million Christians, who were registered, chose not to vote in the last election highlights a critical issue for this election [...]

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