Jesus and Hanukkah

Today is both Christmas and Hanukkah. We celebrate Christmas to acknowledge that God came to earth in human form. He became a man. Most of us know the birth narrative but you may not know Christ's relationship to Hanukkah. Hanukkah and Christmas have much in common. In fact, Christ celebrated Hanukkah. It was on this [...]

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The New Potty Party

A Political Party We Can All Use Today’s voting will conclude the longest political battle in recent history. That’s right - if this years political season seemed a bit longer, your perception is right. Election Day in the United States is the day set by law for the general elections of public officials. Election Day [...]

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A Comparison of Platforms in 5 Key Areas – Straight From the ‘Horses’ Mouth

Tuesday, November 8, is the day we will choose our next President along with many of the people who represent us in government. Parties and candidates are not direct representatives of God’s will and purposes. Our responsibility as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven is to bring the expressed will of Heaven to earth in [...]

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Navigating the Intersection of Faith and Politics

The intersection of Faith and Politics is turbulent and tough to navigate. What are the issues that drive the turmoil? Does God have political opinions? Why does my vote matter if I don't see a clear choice? Whose side should I be on? What is at stake? These and other questions will be addressed by [...]

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7 Insights on Faith and the 2016 Campaign

Reading the political landscape is a difficult job for most of us.  As a person of faith you may have great difficulty navigating the terrain. Part of the tension in the political environment is that we have been taught by platitudes from every direction that we should discuss neither politics nor religion. Most certainly, we [...]

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Politics & Faith

Removing the Confusion from the Political Mayhem. The conventions are over. First, Republicans and then Democrats have convened in subsequent week long sessions to vet their party’s candidate and update their ‘platform.’  Now we enter that confusing zone between now and the November election. As a person of faith you may wrestle with how or [...]

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42 Frustrations With Work And Faith

Living A Seamless Life From Sunday To Monday Is Often Frustrating You may experience a variety of frustrations with your work and faith. It isn’t always obvious that work and faith can go together. Here is a list of 42 frustrations I have heard expressed by people of faith about the tension between their work [...]

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Perspective: Why Does Your Worldview Matter? It Launches You Toward Your Purpose

Part 3 of a 3 Part Discussion of the Concept of Biblical Worldview The three fundamentals revealed by the four worldview questions are that you must know what you believe, why you believe it, and why it matters. Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have terrible consequences. God ideas give you life. Other ideas lead to [...]

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Perspective: What the World Looks Like From Heaven

Part 2 of  a 3 part discussion of the concept of Biblical Worldview Do you have a way that you make sense out of the world? Does the world make sense to you? Is it confusing? Do the rules seem to change on you from time to time? It could be that you need to remodel [...]

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Perspective: What You See When You Look at the World

Part 1 of a 3 part discussion of the concept of Biblical Worldview Whether you believe it or not, what you believe about the world and how it operates controls everything you do. This is your worldview. The worldview you possess will either help or hinder your engagement with life. Your Worldview Dictates Your Perspective [...]

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